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Covenant College

Teaching and training local pastors.

Christian Education Ministry

Training and equipping local teachers.

Welcome to the Zambian Mission Support website

Zambian Mission Support has been involved in a number of missions across Zambia since 2006. However from 2015 the Trustees decided to concentrate the fund raising efforts of ZMS to the sole support of the work of Covenant College Zambia Trust in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

CCZT have three ministries; Pastoral Training, Farm Training and Community School Teacher Training (a brief introductory leaflet can be downloaded here).

Each of the three ministries of CCZT seek to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in both practical and pastoral ways.

You can find more information about these ministries that ZMS supports by following the links to the right.

Details about how to support the work of Zambian Mission Support can be found here.


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