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CCZT Newsletter - October 2017

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

We bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We would like to look back and count the blessings from the last period since you got our previous newsletter.

At the College a lot had happened before we closed the second semester at the end of September. We thank the Lord for the nice donations we received; Nsenga bibles from the Bible society and uniforms for the students from Somerset Church in Cape Town.

The morning devotions by the principal and normal lessons by his staff were faithfully shared, but there was also some special teaching. Jackson Kasolo, our former Farm Manager, came back for a week to teach ‘Farming God’s Way’.

And just before closure of term, Pastor Musonda and Marjanne were teaching about how to reach out to children with the gospel. During their program the students learned about how to run a Sunday School or even a community school. All students had a day of visiting a pilot school from CEM.

Now the students are home, waiting for the farming season to start. We pray that all the knowledge they gained in the last months will be a blessing not only for their own lives, but also for their families, churches and communities.

Our Admin Samba Kangwanda had travelled to RSA for a workshop at Mukhanyo Theological College. This training was in line with our new role of becoming a Mukhanyo Distance Learning Centre. We pray this will work out for the good of both our students and the college.

We also have news from the Farm site. In the last newsletter we informed you about the progress of building chicken houses for our new project that is meant to generate income in future to help our different ministries. So far we have reared two batches of 500 chicks. We are selling chickens from the first batch at the moment while the second batch is in its 4th week.

Other news is that we received a new Farm Assistant. His name is Isaac Mumba. He started work on the 2nd of October and moved in with his family this week.

On behalf of CEM we can share about the different conferences that took place. The first one took place at Covenant College. Ministry Leader Musonda and his team of trainers were in charge. We received more than 40 teachers from the schools who are involved in our program.  The other conference took place in Lundazi, where Marjanne was teaching. This is a new area for CEM and we hope the teachers and pastors who were attending our conference will give a follow up.

 In between, the community schools are almost in the middle of their last term for 2017. That means our trainers are busy with their weekly school visits. We pray for commitment for everyone who is involved in educating children and sharing the gospel with them!

That is something that happens weekly at the College as well. Teacher Chipanga comes every Saturday with her homemade buns that are shared at the end of her program. Weekly the children from the nearby villages are welcome to hear a Bible lesson and to learn memory verses and songs from Scripture.

We also want to share the blessing that Marjanne got her Permanent Residence permit! And last but not least; at the Annual Family Conference in Lusaka for the Reformed Baptists, we got the opportunity to share about our ministries. We pray this will result in more people joining hands with us in praying for us and supporting our ministries. 

We thank the Lord for the blessings we receive in you as well for partnering with us! Please continue to pray for us and encourage us by being in touch.

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala




CCZT Newsletter - August 2017

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters, 
Again a month has passed and it is time for us to share with you what has happened during the month of July.

On the 10th of July 2017 the College opened the doors for its new semester. We are very thankful that we now have a total of 26 students of which 13 are new entrants! Of the returning students, two have not yet reported for personal reasons.

The principal, Emmanuel Sakala, together with the lecturers Godfrey Mwale and Nelson Tembo, are engaged in conducting lessons on different topics. They are being assisted by Rev. Cyrus Miti, and Bernard Chela.  Please do remember to pray for the team.

We also received Pastor Johannes Aucamp from South Africa who was around for about three weeks. He gave the first year students a course on “Biblical World View”. As staff we enjoyed the fellowship with him and his family. We always love it when we receive visitors and the joy it affords of experiencing the oneness in our goal to spreading the gospel around us!

At the moment we are hosting the Woo family. Timothy Woo, who is a Librarian, is helping the students to improve their use of library books. He and his wife Zara are not strangers to us as they have visited us before. At the end of this week they hope to travel back to their home in Lusaka.

We also want to share our joy for the donation of books we received from Theological Book Network (TBN) for our library. This will indeed boost the students’ research resources and give them a wide range of reading materials.

We are glad to report the blessings of the Lord in what He has done for us through the donors. At the Farm the effect is very visible of what has happened in the last month with donor money in a short time. In this period, builders were brought on board to build poultry houses. In about two weeks, they erected the walls, put the roofing on, windows frames in place and the floor completed. We are now excitedly waiting for the first batch of chicks to arrive!

The idea behind this chicken project is to generate income for our ministries, so that we become more self-sustaining and less dependent on donor funding in future. Of course we will still be very grateful for any partnership for our ministries. As at now we are very thankful to our donors who have made this project a reality for us!

In between also the normal activities are going on. The vegetable garden is looking promising to give us enough ‘greens’ in the coming weeks.  Our herd of cows increased with new born calves and now the number is at 11 cows. And the harvested maize has been shelled and packed in bags in readiness for pouring into the silos.

We are also looking forward to see more fruits in our Christian Education Ministry. Day after day teachers are planting the seed of the gospel in the lives of many children by teaching Bible stories. Pray with us for fruit to follow!

This week the schools close for a holiday for 4 weeks. That doesn’t mean holiday for the teachers and trainers because from 14th to the 18th of August we will have a conference for all the teachers involved in our program. 

While Musonda and the other trainers were regularly visiting a number of about 50 schools last term, Marjanne started writing a curriculum for our current pastoral students on reaching out with the gospel to children. Included in this is how you can also teach children to read. We emphasis so much on our literacy program in our schools in the hope that all these children can be enabled to read. To encourage this, also in the last few weeks, Musonda and trainer Wilson have tested a lot of children on their reading skills. Whoever is able to read properly and can tell what they were reading, receives a children’s Bible in the mother language.

This is indeed another way of spreading the gospel into the villages!

Pastor Emmanuel Sakala